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When a person has been involved in an auto accident, especially one where they are not at fault, the key to having the at-fault party’s insurance company pay for any repairs or compensation for injuries is to file an accident claim. However, since insurance companies like to pay out as little as possible, a person filing a claim can easily get hung up on the smallest of details and in, the end, this could result in an insurance company balking at the idea of paying a person anything. That’s why it’s important to pay close attention to some of the simple things a person can do to make sure they don’t get hung up when filing an insurance claim.

Document the Damage

One thing a person should always do is take pictures of the damage. This is pretty easy, as most people can take photos on their phones these days. However, it’s surprising how many times people forget to do this. Many times, an insurance company will be leery of taking a person’s word that their vehicle has been damaged. They want documented proof.

Immediate Medical Attention

It’s also important to seek medical attention as soon as possible after an accident. This way, if there are any medical repercussions stemming from an auto accident, the insurance company will know they were from the accident. If someone waits too long the insurance company can claim that any injuries were sustained somewhere else.

Don’t Leave the Scene

Also, under no circumstances should someone leave the scene of an accident unless they are directed to do so by a police officer. Not only is leaving the scene of an accident highly illegal, it can completely destroy any hopes a person has at being successful when filing an insurance claim after the fact.

These are all rather basic things, but they can easily be forgotten, especially with how traumatic a car accident can be for people. However, by keeping your wits about you and following these basic steps, you can ensure the insurance claim won’t get kicked back because of something you may have forgotten to do. To learn more about some of the other things you should do following an auto accident, you should check out

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